BoxTops clipping made easy with the BoxTops App

Did you keep forgetting to cut out your BoxTops? Were they getting lost around the house before you managed to send them to school? It’s all over now! 

Download the new BoxTop App and all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt to credit McKinley. That easy! 

How it works

  1. Download the BoxTops for Education App in your app store (AppleStore GooglePlay)
  2. Sign in or create an account (here is where you tell BoxTops which school you are clipping for. Make sure to select “MCKINLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL”)
  3. Scan the store receipt with the app when you buy an item with a digital boxtop label. 
  4. Credit it to your student by tapping the star icon to enter your “Give credit” memo and writing the name of the student you want to give credit to (make sure you have the most updated app version)
  5. You are done!

Don’t forget

  1. Give credit to your student so we can keep track for our BoxTop Contest. If you have been scanning boxtops over the summer and did not know how to give credit to your student, simply send a screenshot of your earnings towards our school, together with your student’s name to
  2. Make sure you scan the receipt within 14 days of purchase. Else those boxtops are lost… forever!
  3. Still not clear? Check out the BoxTopsForEducation website or watch this video.
  4. Remember you can still bring your old Box Tops to the office as long as they are not expired but you will find less and less of these as new products are sold with the new digital ones. Download a collection sheet