PTA Positions and Descriptions

Our McKinley PTA is run entirely by parent volunteers who are passionate about serving all of our children in the McKinley community. With a budget of over $100,000, we need dedicated volunteers to help us promote, support, advocate, and adopt new programs and maintain our existing programs for our incredible McKinley school! 

We need YOU to step up and help!  We are looking for energetic and dedicated individuals to help fill positions for many non board-level positions.

“I joined the PTA board because I wanted to feel like a part of my child’s school community.  Over this year I have had a fast track to getting to know the amazing school staff, parents, and have had a front row seat on how we can allocate our PTA funds. It has been incredibly rewarding.” -Emily Oh 

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Board Level Positions

**Per 501c3 rules, we MUST have a President, Treasurer, and Secretary in order to function as a PTA. 


The PTA President coordinates the work of officers and committees of the association, presides at all meetings of the association and the executive board, signs all authorizations for payment as required by the executive board or association, signs checks, and performs such other duties as may be prescribed in these bylaws or assigned by the association.

Executive Vice President (aka Executive Vice President–Membership): 

This individual is primarily in charge of membership but also serves in a Co-President capacity. The big push for membership  is at the beginning of the year so the bulk of the work is in August and September. After that, this position steps in when the President is not available. and helps with day-to-day Presidential duties. The hope is that this individual will step up to President the following year but not required.

VP of Fundraising: 

This individual serves as project manager for the various fundraisers. The VP checks in with the Chairs of each fundraiser to make sure everything is on target and on time and serves as a liaison between fundraising Chairs and the Board. The VP also watches for new fundraising opportunities. This individual is NOT in charge of the individual fundraisers.


Keeps such permanent books of account and records as shall be sufficient to establish the items of gross income, receipts and disbursements of the association, including specifically, the number of members, the dues collected from the members and the amount of dues remitted through channels to the California State PTA. Receives monies from the financial secretary for the association, giving a receipt therefore, and deposits immediately in the name of the association in a bank approved by the executive board. This position also prepares the monthly financial reports. This position is supported and assisted by the Financial Secretary.

Present a monthly report at every meeting of the association and the executive board and at other  times when requested by the association. (See Financial Officers’ Reports and Forms, Finance  section, California State PTA Toolkit.)  Make an annual report to the association. (See Financial Officers’ Reports and Forms, Finance  section, California State PTA Toolkit.) Reconcile bank accounts monthly. Edit, add and delete accounts for the new budget year.

Financial Secretary:

Pays bills and reimbursement requests. Give a receipt for monies received for the association and remit at once to the treasurer or deposit immediately in a bank approved by the executive board and file a copy of the deposit slip in tracking binder. Keep an accurate record of all receipts for filing with the treasurer’s financial records for the  association.  Perform such other duties as may be delegated to the financial secretary. Record online credits and debits into PTAEZ accounting software. Assist treasurer as necessary including count and record money from various fundraisers. 


Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and the executive  board in a bound book which is the legal record of this association. Be prepared to refer to minutes of previous meetings. Prepare a list of all unfinished business for the use of the president. With the president, sign all authorizations for payment authorizing the expenditure of funds  following approval by the association or executive board in accordance with these bylaws. (See  Check Request System: Payment Authorization, Finance section, California State PTA  Toolkit.)  Record all expenditures in the minutes. Keep a current list of the paid members of the association provided by the membership  chairman. Keep a current signed original set of the bylaws and standing rules. Perform such other duties as may be delegated to the secretary. Conduct all necessary correspondence of the association upon authorization of the president,  executive board or association. Notify officers of their election and chairmen of their appointments. Send out notices of executive board meetings. 

VP of Communications: 

The VP of Communications is in charge of the communication strategies for the PTA. This individual works closely with the PTA board and committee chairs to create a thorough and unified communications system to advertise all PTA events and initiatives using the following channels: Ms. Larson’s weekly school-wide newsletter, the PTA newsletter and website, ParentSquare, Facebook, and the classroom liaison email lists. The VP of Communications also prioritizes and anticipates communication needs throughout the school year and maintains the PTA website. 


The Parliamentarian brings a copy of the bylaws to each meeting and makes sure that meetings are run according to parliamentary procedure. The Parliamentarian also takes the lead on making changes to the bylaws.

Non-board Level Positions


Works with teachers and outside vendors to plan After School Enrichment classes in the fall, winter, spring. This individual also coordinates the registration and financial aid process.  (ongoing)


These individuals help plan and organize volunteers for our annual Ancestors Table/Belonging event in the spring. (one time)


Helps to post print copies of the newsletter in the hallway outside the Office and maintains the bulletin board with current information. (ongoing)


This individual helps PTA to research and identify potential corporate giving opportunities and grants.  (ongoing)


This individual organizes monthly Dine and Donate events for PTA. Most Dine and Donates can be set up months in advance. This individual will also create flyers for Events and work with VP of Fundraising on publicity. (ongoing)


This individual serves as our “on site” garden lead and works on identifying garden needs and organizing volunteers to help maintain the garden year round. Ongoing as needs arise—includes organizing volunteers for Summer Garden Care.


This individual plans and coordinates holiday gift give backs to families who need assistance.


This individual arranges for popsicles at our Meet the Teacher event and food at Back to School Night. He/She/They will also arrange for volunteers (currently two events)


These individuals work together to put on our Spring Auction Fundraiser. Usually in March. (one time)


This individual arranges for a table before school on Safe Routes to School Days. (semi monthly but very low time commitment)


These individuals coordinate a survey of families to identify community needs and implement plans to address them in order to obtain and maintain the School of Excellence designation from the National PTA. (ongoing)


This individual will help with Spirit Wear sales at events and coordinate volunteers as well as keep up with inventory and new styles.  (ongoing but low time commitment)


This individual helps organize our monthly Staff Appreciation events and Staff Appreciation Week in May. (monthly)


This individual identifies and helps to implement ways we can practice sustainability as a community. (ongoing)


This committee works with Ms. Larson and other school staff to identify traffic related issues affecting the school and brainstorm and implement strategies to mitigate them (ongoing)


This individual coordinates schoolwide efforts to ensure that all of McKinley’s diverse students feel safe and included; may also serve as a liaison to the citywide TIDE work or appoint someone else to do so. (ongoing)


This individual sets up SignUp Geniuses for events requiring volunteers. (ongoing but low time commitment)


These volunteers help with West Side Relays in the Spring. One volunteer per grade (5th and 6th only). (one time)


These individuals help plan and organize volunteers for our annual Winter Festival event in December. (one time)