How to Support your Child’s Education 

In response to the PTA-sponsored survey called “School of Excellence” that you may have completed in November 2021, the PTA has created this page to share resources with families.  Survey responses indicated an opportunity for the PTA to serve the school community by helping families understand how they can better support their student’s learning. This page aims to connect families and resources.  

Do you know of resources that you would like to have shared on this page?  Great!  Please contact to have them added.

Start Here….

Helping our kids with school can feel easy or overwhelming depending on the day. Here’s a simple tool that includes a variety of ways that you can choose to engage over the years. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your relationship with your child and their education! Small moments, many times….

Family Resource Guides by Grade Level

Many organizations provide Family Resource Guides.  Here are links to two quality resources provided by National PTA and Seek Common Ground.

Individual Education Plan

Are you considering or in the process of having your child evaluated for an Individualized Education Program (IEP)? Click here to learn about the timeline that you should anticipate. 

Parent Coaching Services in Petaluma

Visit Grateful Parenting with Meghan Brand-Stauf to learn more about Meghan’s coaching services.  Meghan is a Petaluma City Schools parent who has generously donated her time and wisdom to both PCS and McKinley at various Parent Education Forums.

Supporting Healthy Habits – Sleep, Exercise & Nutrition

Here are some links to various resources that you may find helpful in improving sleep, exercise and nutrition for your family.

How to Save (Tax Free) for College and other Educational Expenses

Visit this link to learn more about saving tax free for college and other education expenses: 

So you love learning by listening to Podcasts?  Us too!  

Here are some links to shows that may have episodes that might be right for you….