Now More Than Ever, Make Sure That You Receive McKinley and PCS District Communications!

The PCS District collects information about families through an online platform (Aeries) at the beginning of the school year. This contact information is placed on a contact database that is used by the PCS District and the schools to communicate with families.

If you are not receiving information from the PCS District (e.g. email sent on 4/22/20 regarding contact information updates) or McKinley School (e.g. weekly newsletter sent out every Sunday) or receiving only some of these emails, follow these guidelines below in this order. 

1. Check your Spam-Social-Promotions-etc. folders or your filters to make sure they are not there. PCS emails usually get sent from and McKinley School emails come from McKinley Communications ()

2. Check your information on the Aeries portal to make sure it is accurate and it is listed in the right place (under student’s contact).

  1. Log in to Aeries Parent Portal 
  2. Click on Student Info > Contacts
  3. Verify that you are listed as a Contact

Note that having a contact email under the general profile will not be enough. Each student has a section for contacts for that student and the information in that section is the one that schools use. If you have a Jr. High student and a McKinley student, you must have your contact information properly entered in each student’s contact section in order to receive communications from both schools. Otherwise, you will only receive communications from the school to which the student with proper contact information goes.

3. If you are still having trouble after trying #1 and #2 and not getting the Sunday newsletter/PCS District emails, contact the PCS District to get further assistance  General Phone: (707) 778-4813; Aeries Portal: Setup, Updates, etc.: